Pink Disposable 3 Ply Dustproof Breathable Face Mask (50 Pack)

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  • 3-layer protection: The three-layer design has high-efficiency protection functions. Our mask has a non-woven filter layer and a high-quality melt-blown polypropylene filter layer, which can block splashing liquid in the air and filter out particles in the air. Made of soft skin-friendly material. It can effectively protect your breathing and keep you breathable and comfortable.


  • Soft and comfortable: Our masks use soft and high-elastic ear hooks to eliminate the pressure on the ears and bring you a light wearing experience. Invisible and adjustable nose clip, three-dimensional tailoring design, four sides closely fit the face, ensuring comprehensive protection and comfortable wearing.


  • Reliable and breathable: Our disposable masks have strong filtering capacity and good breathability. High-quality filter materials and soft skin-friendly materials, light weight and comfortable, easy to breathe when wearing, making every breath comfortable and relaxing.


  • Widely used: suitable for families, homes, schools, offices, public places, parties, meetings, transportation, shops and other crowded places. Keep you away from exhaust gas, droplets, dust, etc.


  • Disposable mask: non-medical equipment, suitable for daily wear. It can only be worn for up to four hours in places where people gather. It is best to change it regularly to maintain the protective effect. Pay attention to the correct wear, covering the nose and mouth.
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Brand Lemooner
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Pink Disposable 3 Ply Dustproof Breathable Face Mask (50 Pack)