Neo Filler Cannula 23G x 50mm (20 per box)

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  • Thin-walled cannulas with external grinding Neo Filler Cannula of the Korean company Neogenesis.
    Thanks to innovative manufacturing technology, the Neo Filler Cannula has a thinner wall than other products and is extremely flexible and durable.
    These parameters and a polished exterior ensure fast and comfortable work and allow you to achieve maximum results with any complexity of work/
      Benefits of the Neo Filler Cannula
      ✔️ smooth injection of fillers and preparations
      ✔️ wide inner diameter
      ✔️ international KFDA, GMP and ISO 13485 certification
      ✔️ sterility
  • 20 pcs in the package
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Neo Filler Cannula 23G x 50mm (20 per box)