10 ml Leur Lock Syringe

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  • CE MARK: Manufactured according to European Stands MDD 93/42/EEC and has the CE Mark


  • CLEAR READING: High clarity barrel, exact and long lasting graduation marks printed on the barrel


  • SMOOTH MOVEMENT: Latex free piston, lubricated with silicon for a smooth draw. Internal ring in barrel acts as a lock to ensure plunger does not displace during draw


  • STERILE: Sterilization by ETO and individually blister packed


  • This pack contains: 1 x 10ml Leur lock disposable syringes


  • Suitable For Lipioinject Needles & Intraliponneedle

Important Information

1 Before use, verify that packaging is complete, undamaged and unopened.
2 Do not use if pack is punctured, pierced, opened or damaged in any way.
3 Push the needle firmly into the syringe and secure with a clockwise twist.
4 Depress plunger fully before use.
5 Do not replace caps on used needles
6 Dispose of sharps after use in line with protocol to avoid risk of infection.
7 Store in a cool, dry place. Temperature between 15 - 25C, away from the sunlight
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Brand BD
Size 10ml
countrynew MY
10 ml Leur Lock Syringe